My grandfather, Guy, a true southern gentleman, wore a bow tie every day for as long as I can remember.  He was able to tie a perfect knot every time, quite the accomplishment!  However not everyone is so lucky, including me!  And if I'm being totally honest, when I founded this company, I did not know how to tie a bow tie!  Yet I am now a self taught expert and you can be one too!  Here is a great diagram of how it should work and below are a few of my favorite links so that you can get in lots of practice before the big day!


links to hone your skills!

My top pick is this video by Charles French.  It is excellent and happens to be the video I taught myself from! 

This one from Real Simple is pretty handy and he's right - it takes a little finessing and a bit of practice, so don't be afraid to try it out before your wedding day!

We love this one by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, we've all felt that frustration in trying it for the first time!  PLUS, check out the Tie The Knot site where you can purchase a bow tie and support marriage equality, a win win!